ORC Fall 2018 Recap: Wallpaper + Love

Spreading a little Wallpaper + Love

Happy Holidays all! Can I officially say that now? There’s all those turkey loving Christmas haters out there that get mad when Christmas décor goes up after Halloween and Thanksgiving gets skipped right over.  I know, I know, it’s not the “reason for the season,” but I don’t care for Thanksgiving food much, call me crazy, and I just love winter vibes.  Plus, it’s my birthday season!  Can you blame a girl for loving a certain time of year?!  I mean, when else can you shop with Starbucks in hand at 1:00am and it is perfectly acceptable?  Sounds like heaven to me!

So, while you waiting in the freezing cold to get inside for the hottest deal (who am I kidding, you had Thanksgiving breakfast to get that deal and you’ve already been shopping for at least 5 hours) or guzzling coffee to stay awake while you are holding that place in line until it’s your turn to shop (yeah, I know all those tricks too), check out these oh so special One Room Challenge spaces.  Inspired by the wallpaper I used in my ORC Beachy + Boho room, I decided to check out what others have done in their spaces and share the love here.  Enjoy!

Could it get any sweeter?!  This vintage vibe with storybook memories of Peter Rabbit by Jude over at That Homebird Life has me all dreamy.  (And would you believe those are Ikea beds?!  C’mon Ikea, you just keep bringing’ it!)
Black and white doesn’t have to be stark or minimalist.  This bold pattern brings a subtle wow to this space without overshadowing the rest of the details and natural elements in the room.  Not only did Liv create a beautiful office space, but check out all of the other amazing wallpaper at Livette’s Wallpaper!


Maeflower Memo
Using wallpaper in unexpected ways is always a good idea. Can’t decide which wall to highlight or if every wall is too much?  Put it on the ceiling!  Instead of looking at a spattering of glow in the dark stars, wake up to a pattern of wonder. 
Room design by:  Maeflower Memo
Talk about bringing nature in!  This amazing wallpaper by Anewall is a fresh take on the iconic  Japanese woodblock print The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai.  The sunshine yellow crib is the perfect complement to the soft blue waves (that would otherwise terrify me!) Design by: Lazy Mom’s Blog
Ostrich?  Why not? Birds and botanicals are traditional choices for a space, so make it modern with a funky bird choice full of color. Paired with a modern molding pattern in a bold color choice breaks up the busy repeat of the wallpaper.  This funky spaces pairs perfectly with the farmhouse sink for a fresh spin on traditional and farmhouse.
Design by: Girl and Grey
Ahhhh, smell that?  Nope!  Because this room by 9Ten Design is free from toxic nasties.  No need for non-toxic to be boring!  Add texture to a space with a simple pattern that makes a statement and adds interest.  Paired with soft + neutral colors, this wallcovering doesn’t overpower the serenity of the space.  Who else wants to lay their head here? Images by: Sage Photography
Glam.  Vintage.  Hollywood Regency.  MCM.  Traditional.  Modern.  Stunning?  Yes.  Listen, I’m a boho meets Modern meets MCM kind of gal, but I think we can all agree this space by Paradigm Interiors has it all and knocks it out of the park.  The touches of golden metallic hues play off the gold in the wallpaper, adding sophistication to the space without being over the top.  The white vanity and mirror allow those peacocks to steal the show, as usual.  Images by: Hannah Glogower
Alright, I’ll admit it.  I sorta have a design crush on this gal.  (And I think she knows it.  Embarrassing? Maybe slightly, but really I’d just be flattered if I were her.  I mean, I’m not some crazy stalker.  I just follow her IG.  And we might be in a FB group or two together.  I promise, it’s not weird.  We are in the same biz!  Geez!)  Michelle Gage was a Featured Designer of ORC.  I have to say, most of those featured used the most amazing wallpaper, but Michelle manages to do it time and time again, so I have to give her some love (design love that is!). Especially because I am crushing so hard on this dinning room.  Choosing just one image to represent was extremely difficult.  Remember some of those tips I gave you above? 
Traditional botanicals in a funky modern print with bold color? Check.
Pair with molding to break up a busy pattern? Check.
Bringing nature inside? Check
Pairing with neutrals to let the wallpaper steal the show? Check
I mean, how could you now love this eclectic mix of old and new, traditional and modern?!

Well, that’s all for this round.  I hope you had a chance to check out the ORC Room reveals I highlighted here and gave them a little love.  You can leave me a little love too by hitting that follow button if I strike your fancy and I promise to keep you interested. Hm. Well, I can’t promise, but I promise to try.  How’s that? Have a safe time shopping and see you on the flip side.  (Next week. I’ll be back next week.)



WestEdge Design Fair Finds

Latest + Greatest

Wow.  I think I’m still recovering from the whirlwind that was the last six weeks.  I hung on by the skin of my teeth, but I persevered and made it happen.  What the heck am I talking about?!  The One Room Challenge everyone!  If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, start here.  I refreshed my step-daughter’s room in a major way right in the midst of the Fall Frenzy that is my life.  The good news is that it’s all wrapped up before the holidays and she LOVES the room.  (I did a little happy dance when she said she loved the smell and didn’t want to lose it! It was the sage I placed in there, so we dropped some EO’s in the diffuser and now her space can be permanently Zen.)  So, amidst all the chaos, I hit up the WestEdge Design Fair with my design pal Lenora of 9 Ten Design and haven’t even had a chance to bring you all the awesomeness I spied there!

What is the WestEdge Design Fair you ask?  Well, it’s this cool little boutique design show held every October out in Santa Monica and the Barker Hangar.  WestEdge brings some of the lesser known, progressive artisans and brands to the West Coast to show off their goods.  And then there are some more widely known brands showing off their latest and greatest to the visionaries of the industry.  And WOW, this year did not disappoint!  I highlighted some of my faves here.

WestEdge Logo

Anchal (on-chal)

This super cool sister team not only have an eye for beautiful products, but a social consciousness to boot.  Their handcrafted pieces not only provide employment for exploited women out of Ajmer, India, but are also made from GOTS certified organic cotton.  Anchal’s collection includes bedding, pillows, table linens, scarves + bandanas, kimonos + ponchos (who doesn’t love a poncho!), and the cutest totes + pouches (if you know me, you know I’m a sucker for pouches!)


Katy Skelton

Oh me, oh my!  Crushing hard on this lighting collection.  Exquisitely crafted lighting and even some furniture pieces. Made where?  Right here in the US!  And they happen to have a social conscious as well.  (Seeing a theme here?)  They proclaim that all their materials come from “a source that employs responsible manufacturing processes” along with employees that are paid proper wages in a safe environment.

WARNING:  My images don’t do these light fixtures any justice. Check out the leather detail on that pendant!  Swoon.


Moya Living

Oh boya, Moya!  Talk about wow factor here.  The cool factor though?  This woman owned company designs and manufactures everything right here in sunny So Cal.  This stunning curved kitchen island is made out of powder coated steel, and steal the show it did!


Jodi Siegal Ceramics

My favorite way to bring artwork and décor into a space is to source from small artisans and craftsmen. I might scour Etsy or shop farmer’s and flea markets.  One of my absolute favorite places to find new artists is the Renegade Craft Fair. I was so thrilled to come across the amazing work of Jody Siegal at WestEdge.  Inspired by her experience with textiles and made right here is Los Angeles, her pieces are textural, colorful, and a stunning addition to any space. Each wall hanging is unique and comprised of handmade ceramic discs.  And don’t worry, she takes custom orders!


THG Paris

Not much needs to be said here.  This jewelry for your faucets speaks for itself.  Established in 1950, the company is still family operated and has committed to an “environmentally conscious workplace.”  With the use of marble, crystal, semi-precious stones, onyx + more, and partnerships with the likes of Baccarat and Lalique, these are true art pieces for your home.


siemon & salazar

My design gal pal Lenora actually introduced me to this talented glass blower that happened to be showing as well.  Handcrafted right in the OC, this husband and wife duo create not only beautiful sculptures and glassware, but check out this lighting!  A favorite of mine is this Iris sconce.  If you ever find yourself in Santa Ana, stop by the studio; I hear its a blast!



Have you ever heard of a sexy refrigerator?  Well, you have now.  Jennair has stepped up the fridge game in a big way.  You can have your matching cabinet panel doors and Yolanda, you can have your perfectly arranged glass fridge, but move over because there is a new door in town!  Would you like shagreen?  How about leather?  Oh, hair hide you said?  Sure, not a problem.  With the new Jennair Cuts, leather refrigeration panels are all the rage with more options on the horizon.




That’s all for this week peeps.  Check back next week after I’ve sifted through all the awesomeness of the One Room Challenge and honor the fabulous wallpapered spaces I’ve found.  Adiós Amigos!

P.S.  Who doesn’t love a little Mulled Wine on Thanksgiving?!  A Scandinavian tradition-I’m taking my Ikea vibes everywhere I go.  Check out this recipe or snag this cute little gift set (that I discovered at Renegade!) and I promise it won’t disappoint. (I mean, what can once you’ve had a glass or two?)

Cooking Gift Set Co.

Mulled Wine

1 bottle red wine

2 cups apple cider

1 orange zested and juiced

¼ cup honey

Mulling spices

Add to a slow cooker and heat on low until warm, about 1 hour.  Leave on “Keep Warm” setting.  You can garnish with orange slices and cinnamon sticks, or throw them in the slow cooker to add to the flavor like I do.  Makes it look prettier too.

Pssst!  Come closer…(Add some Brandy to kick it up a notch), but I prefer mine without.

And don’t drink and drive friends.  It’s just stupid when you have Uber.  Have a safe and happy holiday! XO

One Room Challenge Week 6:

Beachy Boho

Finished + Fin + Finito


Phew!  I made.  By the skin of my teeth, but I made it. Bed out of the box, wallpaper up, and decor on the walls!  The duvet may be wrinkled and creased, but the pillow cases and top sheet did get a quick ironing.  I was on a time crunch my peeps! There were some last minute adds, and I mean last minute, as in I ran to the garage to dig through my box of styling tricks.  And yes, they are going back into my box of tricks.  The fact of the matter is: the bed will never get made like this again and actual textbooks need to go back on the shelf.  (My son’s throw pillows from Spring’s ORC permanently sit in his chair…Before we get started though, if you need to see those before pics, pop over to Week 1, scroll though, and come straight back!

The good, the bad, and the ugly of it all is that:

  1. I didn’t order enough wall paper, but my resourceful mother made it work. I knew we would be close and had crossed my fingers and toes, so while not the ideal scenario, it’s DONE!  And next time I won’t forget to calculate the repeat. OOPS!  (It was a rookie move.  I’ll admit it.)

  2. I had a lighting issue. Apparently, this room is located in the absolute worst spot ever for taking photos.  Now, I am not photographer, but I got lucky with my son’s room in that there is an abundance of natural lighting.  Not so much here.

  3. Did I mention I am NOT a photographer? With the time crunch, there was not time to hire a pro to come in, let alone the cost associated with doing so for just one tiny space.  So, I hope you enjoy my amateur shots!  (I am so thankful I invested in the iPhone I have.  Thank you, Apple, for portrait mode!  Honestly, the fool proof iPhone turned out better pictures than my Nikon!)

  4. The curtains.  The drapes.  Whatever you want to call them.  I guess I should have measured before grabbing them off the shelf…no time for custom and I always, I mean always forget how tall our ceilings are.  Once I get the energy again, I am going to add a decorative panel to the bottom for an extra punch in the space!

  5. The macramé. Ohhhhhh…the macramé…I am so proud of my follow through and creativity in tackling such a task. For me, this is big!  I learned that I love a new pastime and I can’t wait to start the next one.  But, the macramé…perhaps not a fully thought through plan when choosing to place it on such a busy wall.  The colors and sizes didn’t create the WOW I expected.  Next time?  Yes, there will be a next time, stick with natural and the large rope or chunky wool.

Oh, you want to hear some good?

Well, my son won’t leave the room…remember that jungle he wanted?  Well, this wallpaper does the trick for him apparently.  Guess who’s wallpapering again?  Yup, my mom.  You didn’t think it would be me, right?!

I love the unique items I found for the space.  My last minute trip to the Melrose Trading Post was a success! I picked up some mud cloth just in the nick of time (shhhhh!  It is just wrapped around that lumbar pillow!) which added just the right vibe.  I am super stoked on the mouthwatering Peruvian rug I snagged and totally dig the algae poster and “frame” I whipped up just this weekend.  And check out that hanging plant!  I’ve been eyeballing them for quite some time.

Mud cloth: Various vendors  |   Rug: Altiplanic Chic Deco   |Planter: Love Always, Velvet

And the verdict?  Well, she doesn’t hate it…in fact, I got a genuine, real life “wow” out of her!  Happy dance, happy dance!  I do have actual video evidence of the reaction, but I do want her to speak to me again.  I’ll have to keep that little gem for myself…or blackmail…

Ok, ok, here ya go.  What you (and I!) have been waiting for.

A ORC 2018_Bed 6

Bed: Ikea | Wallpaper: Cole & Sons | Wall color: Dew by AMF Safecoat

A ORC 2018_Bed 8 Close c

I have to throw a little Ikea love out there:

Hardware: Ikea Östernäs | Pendant light: Ikea Industriell | Basket: Ikea Snidad

A ORC 2018_Desk 4

Desk + Chair: Ikea Lillåsen + Snille | Mini vases: Target | Desk set: Poppin

Chair: Ikea Pello | Pouf: World Market | Pillow: Jaipur | Side table: Ikea Burvik

A ORC 2018_Dresser 1

Dresser: Ikea Hemnes | Mirror: Vintage

A ORC 2018_Macrame 3

A ORC 2018_Bedding 2

Duvet cover: Urban Outfitters | Linens: Target Organic Cotton Oeko-Tek Certified

A ORC 2018_Left Bed

A ORC 2018_R Bed

A ORC 2018_Left Bed 2

I sincerely hope you all enjoyed watching the progress as much as I did pulling it together and thank you for indulging me and following along!  Check back next week for fresh topics on wellness, eco-friendly design, trends I dig, and you know, other stuff!  While you anxiously await what I cook up, check out these amazing Featured Designer Room Reveals and Guest Participants who jammed alongside me to bring a beautiful space to fruition in just six weeks!


A HUGE shout out to One Room Challenge for giving us designers something fun to do and the media sponsor Better Homes & Gardens.

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One Room Challenge WEEK 5:


Progress + Made


Well, well, well, here we are.  Just one week and counting from the final reveal.  I’m not gonna lie-I’m still a bit nervous.  I have made progress this week though.  It’s not pretty, but it’s progress people.  Wall got skim-coated and primed, but no wallpaper.  The walls got primed and painted-twice-but there isn’t a whole lot to see since it is such a subtle color.  The macramé is nearing its end, but I’m only going to give you a sneak peek. It might be the thing I am most excited about in the room.  That and the wallcovering have me super stoked.

Yup, just walls.

Last week I promised a super cool story about how we picked paint, so here it goes.  A little background and education first.  If you are super crunchy and granola, you’ve probably heard about Ayurveda. And if you haven’t, it’s cool, but you’re probably asking Ayur-what?!  Well, let me tell you in a nutshell.  Ayurveda is an ancient, holistic practice of medicine from India, but encompasses practicing overall wellness.  The word Ayurveda means “the science of life” and is based on the belief that all areas of life impact health and that a balance between mind, body and spirit is essential for overall well-being.  Simple enough?  It truly is fascinating and I could go on for days, but I’ll spare you.  “So, what does this have anything to do with the paint?!” Alright, alright, I’ll tell you. In one more second.

In Ayurvedic practice, there are three mind-body types called doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Identifying your dosha will help you achieve and maintain overall health and wellness.  Seems easy enough, right?!  Yeah, right.  Well, I have a place for you to start.  When I set out to refresh my daughter’s room, I wanted to explore non-toxic and natural products that I could also use with my clients.  I didn’t want these products to be the exception to what I normally use, but just what I use with all my clients.  One person’s health is just as important as the next and you don’t have to be chemically sensitive to not want to breathe toxins.  Duh!  (Stay tuned for more on that topic or check out my post on paints to start.)  But, back to the doshas.  In the search for non-toxic materials, I happened across this company, AFM Safecoat. When I sat down with the owner, Jay, naturally, we spoke about paints.  Sure, AMF has a wide variety of paint colors, but the coolest part?  Their Ayurveda Essence collection!  Color palettes to choose from according to your dosa to help create a healing space.  Phew!  There it is.  Full circle people.  I knew I could bring it back.  Thanks for hanging in there. 

Dosha Quiz

Sooooo, to make this space even more personalized, I had Alexis take the dosha quiz and from there I chose a color that would work within the space.  Kapha was her primary dosha and Pitta secondary.  Kapha balance can be achieved through use of “bold, stimulating colors, and bright accents,” as stated by AFM.  Lucky me that Goldenrod is a Kapha color!  And apparently maximalism will be a winner in this space. Oh, guess what else?  The Kapha element is water.  What?!  So crazy.  I swear, I did not plan this space after knowing any of this information.  I designed based on what I know of Alexis and what she stated in her design interview.  Not getting chills?  Check out my Week 2 interview; you’ll know what I mean.

Kapha Palette
Kapha Color Palette: WATER AND EARTH

Since we have bold stripes and patterned wall covering covered, I opted for a subtle shade for the remaining walls in the space.  I chose the Pitta color Dew.  I made the mistake of starting to paint in the worst afternoon lighting ever and had to slap up a second coat the next day.  The color reads like a warm yellow, grey-green, or crème, depending on the time of day or lighting, so this should be interesting to see once everything else gets in the space…at least you can see the color contrast against the beautifully primed-for-paper walls.

Pitta Palette
Pitta Color Palette: FIRE

Intrigued?  I don’t blame you!  Take the quiz above or Google “Dosha self-quiz” to see what your dosha is and deep dive into Ayurveda.  (Listen, I had every intent of giving you a link, but since I have no affiliation with these other sites, I’ll let you determine what sites you feel like going to and which you’d rather skip.  There are plenty to choose from.)  And do me a favor, leave a comment on how this worked for you.  I love hearing these types of stories.

Oh, yeah, here’s your sneak peek!  You can check out the progress on Instagram.

Before you delve in to this hippie-dippie stuff, check out the progress the Featured Designers and Guest Participants are making over at One Room Challenge.  Will we all finish?!  And hit that follow button so that you don’t miss my big reveal next week!


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One Room Challenge WEEK 4:

Beachy Boho

Freaking + Out


Alright, I’m freaking out. Like FREAKING. OUT.  I can’t believe the challenge is near its end and I feel like I have hardly anything done.  I’ve always been quite the procrastinator, but it hasn’t been this bad since middle school!  This week I took a look at what I had done and what I had left and decided to knock out the little things I could do to make myself feel better.  (Still freaking out though!)

I have major, MAJOR things to get done.  Just like oh, paint, skim coat, prime, and HANG THE WALLPAPER!  AHHHH!  But not to worry, I’m on it.  It’s all either ordered and will be here this week or in my possession, so that is the first step.  I got this.

I have to give some credit where credit is due though.  Remember that not so helpful husband during the last challenge?  Well, he’s definitely stepped up this time around!  My handy dandy dad is off duty this round, but my mom is on call to step in once the wallpaper arrives.  Hey, it’s a family affair!  What I would do without a handy family, I don’t know.  Let’s check in on what has been accomplished:

BEDDING. check. 

ORC2018_Bedding ORC2018_Pillows.jpg

Now to decide which combo and how “max” I’m willing to go with my pillows.  With all my Design Wimp issues, (Yup.  I capitalized it.  I’m officially coining the term.)  I am fairly comfortable with pillow maximalism. I find it is the easiest and least scary way to incorporate color, texture, and pattern into a space.  I’m still on the hunt for some mud cloth, so we shall see…Now the question becomes, how many is too many?

BED.  check. 


Bed frame is in hand (as promised), headboard has been assembled and transformed into a macramé rod. Yes, the remainder of the bed is still in the box, but it is guaranteed to be up and running by reveal!

MACRAMÉ. half check.

It has officially been started!  As the crown jewels of the room, it is essential that this project gets completed. I have made good progress and have EVERY intent of having it finished.  I have actually found myself a new pastime, me thinks.  With the crazy that my life is having three teens and then some, I concluded that tying knots in a neat little pattern is quite cathartic.  It might be up there with assembling IKEA furniture for me…

LIGHTING. check.


Remember that hubby I mentioned?  Yup, he’s my lighting guy.  It kind of killed me to get rid of the lights already in her room since I loved them so, but again, that’s the beauty of IKEA, y’all!  Not too expensive to swap out to new pendants that vibe better in the space.

HARDWARE.  check.


It’s the little things. One less thing to do as I’m scrambling to finish!

PAINT. half check.

ORC2018_AFM Safecoat

Well, it’s here.

(Seriously though, I cannot wait to tell you how we picked her room color!  It’s kind freaking awesome.)

While you are waiting around for me to get things done before next week, follow my IG  and check out the progress of the Featured Designers and Guest Participants over at ORC.


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One Room Challenge WEEK 3:


Minimalism + Maximalism


I am dubbing myself a Minimal Maximalist.  What am I talking about, you ask?  Here’s the deal.  I have dreams of creating a maximalist space à la Justina Blakeney + the Junglaow, but I am scared.  Real scared.  What if it is too much?  What if it doesn’t translate?  What if I just miss the mark completely?  And does it reflect who I am as a designer?  I wouldn’t say I’m a minimalist in any way, just more of a wimp.  A design wimp.  But I want to try.  I want to step out of my comfort zone.  This is a challenge, afer all!  So, this will be my baby step into maximalism.  And I am the only one who has to live with it (well, my daughter too, but apparently, she doesn’t care too much anyway: see design questionnaire.)  At least I won’t have an angry clients, so that’s a positive.

Now, how do I plan to implement said maximalism in a minimalist way?  Look on.

Maximalism: Bold Color

ORC2018_Bold Stripes.jpg
Wall: Yours Truly

I’m pretty sure no explanation is needed…

Minimalism: Neutral Bedding

UO Bedding
Bedding: Urban Outfitters

Boho bedding in neutral colors gives me less anxiety.  I can dig this.

Maximalism: Bold Pattern

C+S Palm Wallpaper
Wall covering: Lee Jofa at Kravet

I love teal.  Like, LOVE.  Anything in shades of teal and turquoise float my boat.  The white background and linear pattern vs. an all over banana leaf pattern (yes, I totally wimped out) give the space just enough wow without inciting a panic attack in me.

Minimalism: Simple Bed


Bed: Gjöra by Ikea

I’ve been dying to use a actual bed with some style in my home. Mine is just old and blah and both my sons have a wall treatment instead.  The simple lines and natural material make for an inconspicuous fixture that still makes a statement.

Maximalism: Texture + Pattern

Even if you are color shy, an array of prints + textures adds max interest.  This complimentary color pallate is a safe bet for me, but go bold if you dare and mix it up with color.  I just might surprise you here…wink, wink!

Minimalism + Maximalism:  Macramé

Beautifully knotted macrame and leaves by The Knot and Tile.

The scale and intricacy of a macramé or a woven wall hanging is definitely max.  Use of neutral, calming colors doesn’t overpower the details, which is the beauty of this type of handiwork.

I will be creating a macramé.  For my first time, ever.  (Eek!  I might be subconsciously manifesting a week-long stay at a “retreat” after these six weeks!  A girl can dream, right?).  And as bold and big as I am dreaming this macramé to be, I have chosen soft, neutral colors-just to keep safe.

Looking forward to seeing the progress?  So am I!  Next week see how the room is shaping up.  My non-toxic wallpaper supplies and paint are on the way and I’m due for an Ikea trip.  And the flea.  Hmm, I better get on it! While you wait around for next week’s goods, check out the Featured and Guest Designers are doing over at One Room Challenge.


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One Room Challenge WEEK 2:


Client + Intake


I’m going to be honest. I went into this six week One Room Challenge with a semi-plan.  This week I sat down to blog and realized, hmmm, I should probably get on it and order some shiz!  I am determined to make every bit of these next six weeks a challenge, apparently.  Yes, I am actually creating this room in real time. Sooooo, you will either see me pull it off, or you will see me reveal a room with yellow and white striped walls and a new bed.  Obviously because the stripes were already there.  And you know me, I’ll always have time to pick something up at Ikea.  I take some of that back.  I guarantee the striped walls.  The bed may still be in the box…

In true client onboarding fashion, I sat down with my “client” and administered my Client Questionnaire. Ohhhh, wonderful, lovely, teenagers. Sigh.  Here is her extremely opinionated, overjoyed about getting a room redo, enthusiastic response. NOT

Me: What is your goal for the project?

Alexis: To have a nice room.  To have a decorated room.

In my head: Ummmm…what the heck do you think those dang yellow and white stripes are?! Not “nice,” apparently. (And yes, I might have used more pointed words in my head, but I am sparing you, my readers from the profanity that actually runs through my brain.)

Me: How would you describe the feel/style/look you would like to see in your room?

Alexis: Ummmmm, feel like home.  Feel comfortable.  Uhhhhh, anything you want.  I don’t care.

In my head: Cool?  Sweet.  Hmm.  Not sure what to say to that…

Me: Are there any specific patterns, colors, or textures that you are drawn to?  Any that you don’t like?

Alexis: Ummmm. Ehhhhh. I liiiiike…I don’t know what I like.  Comfy.  Soft. I don’t like old lady flowers, but I like flowers.  I like Hawaiian flowers.  I want a Hawaiian room.  What are Hawaiian flowers?  You know, those Hawaiian flowers.  Hibiscus?

In my head:                                   (Yes, that is a blank space.  Nothing. I’ve got nothing.)

Me: When will you be ready to begin the project?

Alexis: Right now.  Today.  Tomorrow.  Whenever you’re ready.

In my head: Gee, thanks.  You actually don’t have a choice.  I was just asking to be nice.

Me: Who else will be involved in the project and what is their role?

Alexis: You and me and whoever your helpers are.  If you have any helpers.

In my head:  BAHAHAHA! Yes, as a matter of fact I have a crew of tiny little mice that run around the house helping me all day.  They paint, they assemble Ikea furniture, and they place product orders.  At least you sound willing to be part of this process…

Me: What is your approximate budget for the project?

Alexis:  Giggles. How much would it cost?

In my head:  None of your business.  You’re spoiled and clueless anyway.  Note to self-she needs a job.

Me: Have you worked with a designer before?

Alexis: No.

Me: Really?!

In my head: Yup.  Clueless.

Now, here’s what I’m working with people.  Apparently I can do whatever I want, take as long as I want, and spend as much as I want.  Mind you, at one point in time there was more on the walls and it looked halfway decent.  After taking these pics, I realized just how pitiful her room currently is.  And yup, she didn’t fold her sheets or put her shoes away, but I’ll give it to her-the room is in much better authentic condition than my son’s was.

Check back next week to see how this whole challenge starts to pan out and what progress, if any, I’ve made…(FYI, orders have been placed.  I guarantee progress.)  And in the meantime, check out my Guest counterparts over at ORC and the Featured Designers for Fall 2018.



One Room Challenge WEEK 1:


Lions + Tigers + STRIPES + Oh, my!


I’m baaaAAAck!  Well, that was an unexpected hiatus.  That kept hiatus-ing!  I didn’t  intend to take the summer off, but well, I did. And then it dragged on.  And on.  Can’t say I minded though!  Not the not blogging part, but the playing hooky from work with my kids part.  Hey, it’s their last summer of “childhood,” so can you blame a mom for soaking it all up?! But, now, back to business.  And what a better way to start than with another One Room Challenge!

Aren’t you excited?!  The fall is very busy for us, so I’m a bit nervous, but hey, that’s what a challenge is all about right?  This time around I am tackling Kid No. 3’s room.  I’ve mentioned I have three teenagers, right?  Three amazing, hardworking, cranky seniors in high school.  One already got the jungle of his dreams this past spring (check it out here), the other is happy in his man-child den, and now my step-daughter needs a room refresh.  See, her room never quite got completed…my bad!  I never finished painting because I didn’t know what I wanted to do, we’ve moved her furniture around several times to maximize the space, she recently shared with a house guest, oh, and she was affected by our kitchen flood, so the room got torn apart a bit.  It just never got pulled together in a way we loved.

The Challenge:  Now, this wouldn’t be a challenge if there wasn’t a challenge, right?  In her room there is one major issue that I am trying to work around.  My son’s “issue”?  He wanted white walls.  Her’s? Well, it has nothing to do with white walls for sure, and it has nothing to do with what she wants (just wait until her client interview.  Insert eye roll emoji.).  It has everything to do with the wild hair I got when we moved into our home and she was twelve years old.  Stripes.  Beach cabana stripes. HUGE. YELLOW. STRIPES.  Yup, those bad boys are NOT getting painted over.  They will live on in infamy.  She does, however, love the beach, Hawaii in particular. So, we are going to make this work!  Cabana stripes, ooh na-na!  (Get it? Get it?  Alright, if you’ve been living under a rock and don’t…look up Havana ooh na-na and then chuckle to yourself, “ah! Yup, now I get it!”)

MmmHmm. I did this…
…and this. And we’re going to work with it people!

The Design Concept: Bold Beachy Boho…I’m not as sure about the finished project as I usually am, so this should be very interesting!  I’m going to try my hand at some macramé, hit up Ikea as usual, and most importantly, I’ll be exploring some non-toxic finishes in a little R+D for client offerings. Check out the concept below and let me know what you think!

ORC Fall 2018 Design Board

I’m not the only one who’s back at it, so be sure to check out the other amazing Featured and Guest Designers over at One Room Challenge!



Summer + Vibes

Beachy Boho

Summer vibes are definitely in the air.  Can you feel them?  I’m dreaming of umbrella drinks in the sun with a cool body of water nearby.  This said dream will have to happen in a backyard though because this summer bod is nowhere close to being ready! It’s truly blinding.  This week I gathered up some beach house inspo for you and share the essentials to making your space a stay-cation worthy hot spot for sharing cocktails and laughs.  I’m even sharing my fave margarita recipe.  Cheers to summer!


Botanical Prints

An absolute must in any tropical space.  Check out these wallcoverings that anything but your typical banana leaf.


Hanging Chair

A chair that is carefully and properly hung in the corner of your entertaining space is essential.  And its just awesome.  Who doesn’t want a hanging chair?!  Be careful and don’t have too much fun on it though.  Wink, wink!

Need this Selamat chair in your life?!  I do!

“Natural” Lighting

Lighting with wood beads, clay beads, fringe, or macramé is a necessity.  Yes, please!

  • Pinnacles Pendant by Selamat
  • Mayfair Ivory Beaded Chandelier by Selamat
  • Isn’t the ombre chandelier FAB?!  Custom colors, sizes, and shapes from Hellooow Handmade

Statement Rugs

A bright, patterned flat weave area rug makes a bold statement in your space. (Makes for easier clean up from sandy toes too.)

  • Anatolia rug by Jaipur
  • Curated flat weave tie-dye rug by Dering Hall
  • Jewel Multi-color Jute Woven rug by Dash + Albert

Anything Rattan

Yup!  I mean anything…well, almost anything.  Vintage rattan seating and table bases can be great flea market finds.  Used sparingly rattan adds the perfect mix of boho and beach to any space.

  • Grey Pearl Counter Stool by Furniture Classics.
  • Black + White Hourglass Stool/side table by Palacek.
  • Curated Franco Albini Style Wicker Rocking Chair by Dering Hall.


And as with any space…don’t forget the greenery! Air plants and succulents are a perfect fit in any space that needs to be low maintenance because well, you are too busy entertaining and having fun in the sun all summer!

TIP:  Local Farmer’s Markets are a great place to pick up succulents, air plants, and house plants.  If you can’t make it, Air Plant Supply makes it really easy to order online and has a great selection.

Cocktail Time!

Now that your space is summer ready, invite some friends, grab your shaker, and mix up some margaritas!  My summer go-to is the Paleo Margarita from Against All Grain.  SALUD!


For additional information and pricing on any of the featured products, hit me up on the Contact Me page.

The products I feature are specifically chosen by me and only me, even if I stand to make a little bit of cash when you click on a link to buy.

Galleries + Walls

Create a not-so-boring gallery wall.

Who else is chomping at the bit for the end of the school year?!  Aw, man, I can’t wait and this is it for me!  I’ve got one school year left that I am obligated to help with homework, fundraise, show up to meetings, watch sports, and pay for yearbooks.  Yesssss…the countdown is on!

And with that I’m sure you are thinking about all the things you are going to get done this summer with fewer commitments: no meetings, nightly homework, sports, or flat out having to cook every night.  (I fully admit that my cooking skills are less than spectacular all summer).

Well, gather up all those art projects you’ve been planning to do something with, those school portraits still in the envelope, get all the family portraits printed, and dig through your old boxes of posters and then head to your local flea (or Facebook Marketplace) for frames and let’s get going on that empty wall you keep staring at!

I loooove me a gallery wall. I don’t know what it is with gallery walls because I am admittedly terrible at choosing art and I’m not a huge fan of a family portrait wall.  Sorry, not sorry.  BUT, I love incorporating meaningful pieces in a fun, cheeky, playful way to add interest and color to a room.  I believe art should be personal, reflect personality, and put a smile on your face.  This could be anything from personal artwork to posters from your childhood to flea market finds.  It could be family portraits or silly family photos.  Really, whatever you want to look at every day.

My son took years of art classes as a way to express himself and have some creative freedom.  It was his release and just plain made him happy. So, for Scott’s room I sifted through of artwork and chose pieces that worked in the room to add color and pieces that had some significance to us.  It doesn’t really matter if anyone else like them or gets them.  We do and that is what is most important.


I also love to incorporate different frames.  Different styles, different colors, different sizes.  It adds interest to the space and makes the whole wall a work of art instead of just each piece.  And you can find frames super cheap!  Look at yard sales, estate sales, and flea markets.  And they don’t have to be empty.  Just be sure you don’t chuck a valuable piece of art!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
“Mirror, mirror, on the wall.”  Check out this gallery wall from Hood Creek Log Cabin.
Love this eclectic mix from Little Green Notebook.
Make it a 3-D Gallery by adding sculptural pieces on the wall or incorporate shelving.

I tend to follow a linear pattern.  I like my gallery walls to be neat and tidy and all squared up.  Frames line up on the sides and the top and bottom and are spaced evenly in between.  That’s just me.  (It’s what I do.  I need order.)

Check out these great tips on creating your own gallery wall from Making Nice in the Midwest.


Creating a line of sight brings order and a modern feel to this space designed by Rubie Soho.
Project Nursery-COCO-ROCHA.jpg
Colorful graphics paired with pattern make this wall stand out in Coco Rocha’s nursery.

But they don’t have to be.  Check out these off-kilter gallery walls that look just as awesome as the others!

What’s there not to love in this space styled by Moniek Visser?!  (I even spy some Ikea love.)
An organized chaos by Workshop APD.
Color consistency brings this mix of shapes and sizes together in a cohesive focal point by Style Me Pretty.

Have too much awesomeness to decide what to use and what to ditch?  Making a statement is all the rage!

I dig it.  Swap out last year’s school pics and projects by layering on the new.  Designer India Hicks’s Chic Bahamas Home


Stairwells are the latest and greatest spaces in a home to make a bold gallery statement.  This twist on a traditional space by Danielle Berger.
Julia-Leach-by JenniKayne
I like blank spaces, Baby.  Fill it with art!  Designer Julia Leach’s Venice digs.

Now get to work gathering your goods and calendaring your weekend frame hunting.  I hope you squeeze a vacay and some fun in there somewhere.  Cheers to the start of summer!